Quantitative Programmer 


  • Analysis on various topics regarding market data, model data, operation data etc.

  • Design & implement effective data measurement metrics for firm-wide portfolios using statistical methods.

  • Design & implement stress tests using historical and real time market data. Propose well-thought-out actionable risk decisions project managers.

  • Build large scale distributed computing programs to generate insightful analytics and present results in user-friendly visualization.

  • Research on tail risk management. Develop market insight and intuition.


  • Experience with programming languages and data analysis tools, such as Python, Java, C/C++, R, Matlab etc.

  • Familiar with concepts and tools in statistics. Familiarity with risk profile of various financial instruments, especially instruments with embedded options is a plus.

  • Strong communication skills, including ability to communicate with quantitative researchers clearly and effectively, engineers, as well as project managers and senior management.

  • Can quickly learn about existing practices/methodologies/processes or lack thereof, think creatively & strategically, propose enhancements/solutions, and deliver concrete resulting products/processes to stakeholders.

  • Willingness and excitement to learn unfamiliar quantitative subjects or tools/technologies, as required on the job.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, maturity, self-awareness, humility, confidence without ego.

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