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Stock Exchange

Banking and Financial Services


· As a financial services company, our client deals with an enormous amount of data of which more than half is not utilized for analysis. 

· The Client has a high dependency on manual processes for its data management and analysis activities.

· Reduce maintenance cost of data center and Infrastructure roadblocks to help frequent software release

· With a growing number of stock exchanges, growth success of emerging markets, startup innovation creating a level playing field across the globe, it is becoming practically difficult to sift through all and find potentially attractive investments. 



· Automated Pattern analytic – The AI pattern discovery engine can slice and dice the data, pick the different pattern scripts to run and create custom reports without any coding.

· Hybrid cloud environment – The enterprise applications move to Azure/AWS/Google Cloud and built a hybrid environment using Express Route with a high-speed connection to private/public environment.

· NLP based research with a multitude of data sources – The NLP solution provides a much deeper analysis on each quantitative and qualitative attribute that might be impacting the overall investment decisions.



· Well-planned design and build in operationalizing Cloud by extending existing tools and governance framework to modern cloud Network.

· Automated Pattern Discovery module to better understand data of several financial and investment products they offer and quickly generate insights and key findings.

· The private cloud solution of the financial services firm and the business user could use the script to analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data and find hidden patterns.

· A highly customized knowledge corpus that understands and appropriately assesses qualitative attributes from business commentaries



· Reduced time required for analysis across the organization

· More than million budget savings per year in analyst hours

· Return on investment less than one month

· Find out more potential investment opportunities

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