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People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole

------ Theodore Levitt

Enterprise-level Cloud Computing Solutions

We deliver one-stop enterprise-level services including customizing your cloud-based application, long-term maintenance and incremental development for your business.

High Availability

Almost never shut down for customers with 99.99% of the available time

Seamless Upgrade

Services can be upgraded to smoothly transmit data and functionalities on the platform

High Performance

Process sudden massively increased online user requests utilizing the power of artificial intelligence

Cost Effective

Scalable deployment to decrease customers’ operating expenses

Data Visualization

data visualization tools to help users analyze their customer flows and accordingly improve their business models


Ease of deployment and migration to any platforms based on our containerization development process


Every line of code is strictly tested before put into live production

Fine-grained Development

We keep improving the robustness of the code

Cloud solutions

Machine Learning and Data Mining

We utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to increase your business efficiency and optimize your business decision-making.

Prediction & Analysis

Analyze and predict user behaviors, modeling of business growth and precise deliveries of advertisements

Embedded Systems

Provide embedded AI environment for users’ experience, including fast image processing, background automation of modeling/analysis based on big data

User Experience

Help with various AI game designs to enhance user experience and adhesiveness in order to stimulate consumer spending

Machine learning

User Experience Design

We create dedicated and perfect fit user experience solutions that bring real value to your products and services.

From Fuzzy to Clear

Business problems and users’ pain points usually cannot be discovered without thorough investigations. Therefore, it is a high priority for us to align with you in the direction of defining problems and understanding your users

From Concept to Implement

We specialize in transforming great ideas into practical and solid solutions for implementations. Meanwhile, we ensure flexibility and minimize uncertainties through iterations

From Change to Evolution

There are no perfect solutions to problems. The only solution is to constantly iterate with an acute sense of smell on the fast-pace changes of user and market demands in order to create the iterative value on our businesses

User experience

Blockchain Solutions

High-level decentralization and transparency to ensure public access to distributed applications to solve transaction tracking and product tracing issues.

Pay with Token

Capability to utilize Token as a transaction method to connect assets from different chains and sources with existing business systems, and to help clients focus on critical implementations of products and services instead of on complicated Ethereum main network

Blockchain Official Websites/Communities

Flexible customer customization of the blockchain websites and communities, and smooth delivery of one-stop technical services, from web designing to live production

Digital Asset Wallet Development

Capabilities to customize upon major decentralized networks including Bitcoin and Ethereum

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