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Engage Exceptional Talent at Unparalleled Value

In the realm of our IT consulting service, we are deeply committed to forging lasting relationships with our clients. These connections are built upon pillars of mutual trust, transparent communication, and synergistic collaboration. Our relentless dedication is driven by a singular goal: to ensure your utmost satisfaction, delivering results that consistently surpass your expectations.

Cost-Effective Solutions

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Bespoke Contracts

• Flexible Timing - Our contracts adapt to your dynamic business environment, ranging from a brief 4-week commitment to an extensive 3-year collaboration.

• Location Flexibility- Tailored to your convenience, our professionals are equipped for both on-site and remote work arrangements.

Payment Flexibility - We offer project-based or hourly contracts, optimizing your expenditure to align with the project scope.

Balanced Onshore/Offshore Resourcing

We enable our clients to accomplish their goals while skillfully optimizing cost and resource utilization. By deploying a mix of onshore and offshore IT talent, we strike a beneficial balance between expert localized knowledge and cost-effective offshore solutions.

Broad Spectrum of Available Skills

Tap into a rich pool of technical proficiencies: React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and more. Each individual brings invaluable experience and cutting-edge insights, thereby enriching your projects.

Quality Vetting

Background Check

Resume & Linkedin



Tech Interview

Computer Fundamentals

Algorithm & System design

Tech Stacks Knowledge

Soft Skill

Behavior Interview

Culture Fits


Robust Resource Support

Advanced Tech Training Bootcamp

At MOYI, we invest in our consultants by furnishing them with the skills and insights they require to stay ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape, facilitating their continual growth and adaptability.

Daily Operational Support Desk

We offer timely and efficient technical support attuned to each client's daily operations, safeguarding business continuity. This service helps mitigate potential disruptions from technical issues, ensuring seamless business processes.

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Resilient Legal & HR Team

MOYI boasts a powerful HR and Legal team, committed to efficiently processing visas and administering benefits for clients and consultants alike. Our professionals adeptly handle these complex areas, providing reassurance and streamlined operations.

The Candidates We Are Offering



Support Group

Our Candidate Pool




Top Clients

Top Clients

Top Clients

100 %

Has computer related or engineering degree 

83 %

Has more than 5 years related experience 

79 %

Has Maters’ degree

40 %

Re-hired by client after project completed 

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