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Healthcare and Life-Science


Clinical Trials & Transparency

Currently, technological advancements have transformed the way patients get involved in clinical trials. We provide Clinical Trials solutions powered with centralized cloud technology to improve patient and provider trust in clinical trials with immutability. The solution brings patients, practitioners, providers, CROs, regulators, and other important stakeholders under a centralized platform. This increases real-time and data authenticity in clinical trial reporting with centralized storage. Our Clinical Trials solution provides true business value by accelerating Trial discovery-to-market time, securing end-to-end patient data, and streamlining the communication between stakeholders.


Supply Chain Data Trace

MOYI offers Track and Trace solutions for optimizing supply chain efficiency with Cloud technology, which delivered a compelling, end-to-end trace platform, which connected the product and lab equipment in their customer premises. The solution offers capabilities of drug tracking throughout the supply chain and tracing back up for returns or recalls. The solution also gives the flexibility to improve defect tracking by inspection, testing, and recording feedback from customers.


Enterprise Knowledge Retrieve

The Enterprise Knowledge Retrieve solution encompasses seamless enterprise search to unify and retrieve relevant information from the unstructured data sources. It improves ingestion intelligence and synthesizes applying knowledge intelligence to deliver contextual results. This solution helps customers enhance employee productivity, work efficiency, facilitates knowledge management with privacy and protection, and improves search experience connecting user behaviors based on current and past queries.


CMS Data Integration

This provides access and control to patients regarding their health data while adhering to regulations mandating health data exchanges and implementing new standards and APIs based on Integrated cloud service. The MOYI methodology helps customers plan a successful roadmap of data integration. This solution supports abroad an array of standards-based exchanges of electronic health records and enables payers to empower their members with health information via cutting-edge technologies. MOYI offers a complete package aligned with technical standards, content standards, and implementation guidance by CMS.


Unified Health Platform

The focus is shifting from healthcare to health and well-being. MOYI offers a Remote Patient Monitoring solution built on AWS using IoT, and AI/ML to enhance Patient-Centric Continuous Care and Preventive Care Services. The solution can provide intent-based security, regulated data, application, infra, and identity. It also provides better connectivity, coverage, and efficiency to make informed real-time decisions to save a life.


Digital Patient Engagement

In this evolving digital landscape, there is a need for patients and clinicians to have access to patient information in real-time. A connected platform helps unify diverse data sources, helping drive better patient care. MOYI designed and built the world’s first curated, end-to-end application to help patients navigate through their diagnoses. This state-of-the-art solution allows patients and providers to track recovery, schedule teleconsultation, upload medical records, and order medical supplements and prescription drugs from a single platform.

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