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Retail and E-commerce

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Personalization and Customer Data Activation

Leveraging customer data to drive rich, highly personalized experiences across traditional digital touchpoints and non-traditional (voice, in-store, phone) touchpoints. Analyzing customer data to drive insights and go-forward business decision-making.


Customer Intelligence and Customer Data Platforms

Developing enterprise-enabled customer intelligence including the development of customer data platforms (Adobe, Salesforce, mParticle, and Azure). Includes ingestion and standardization of data sources and powering personalized experiences with rich customer data.


Channel Revenue Optimization and New Channel Realization

Services for customers that have just launched a digital commerce channel or need to launch a commerce channel including revenue optimization, site/platform optimizations, and execution of an end-to-end product roadmap.


B2B Commerce and Customer Service

Specific to B2B organizations or B2B business units, services that enable an end to end sales and service customer journey including process enablement for channel shifting traditional analog order volumes to low-cost digital self-service commerce.


Supply Chain Intelligence

Enable organizations to define and implement intelligent supply chains for the digital world. Leverage modern cloud technologies, AI/ML, and analytics to drive superior fulfillment experiences for customers via delivery speed and flexibility, while optimizing supply chain costs to improve profitability.


Platform Modernization

Modernize the technology ecosystem via modern public cloud platform partnerships (Adobe, Salesforce, AWS, GCP, and Azure) or de-coupling a monolithic architecture into micro-services and REST-based services. Mitigate legacy-infrastructure associated risks and costs and take your organization to the next level by achieving significant security improvements, platform and workflow optimization, as well as exponential productivity boost.

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